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Green Land Convent School, New Subhash Nagar, Ludhiana observed the 77thanniversary of Quit India Movement,

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Green Land Convent School, New Subhash Nagar, Ludhiana observed the 77thanniversary of Quit India Movement, also known as August KrantiAndolan in the school premises with utmost patriotism and nationalism. A series of events were organized to pay tribute to the Freedom Fighters on the occasion of “Quit India Movement”. On this day in 1942, father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi gave the famous clarion call of ‘Do or Die’ to all Indians to drive the British away from the country. A special Morning Assembly was organized on a spiritual note with the school prayer. Students were made aware about Quit India Movement through speeches and poetry. The young green knights came dressed as Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters. They were holding posters with slogans like “Do or Die” and “Independence is our birthright”. The underlying idea behind the procession was to explain the significance of Quit India Movement which instilled the patriotic fervor in the students. The students were told about the historic movement that aimed to help India attain complete independence, a momentous milestone in the Indian freedom struggle. The Esteemed Principal of the school, Dr. JyotiSachdev Pujara and the students paid floral tribute to the great legend of India. She highlighted the importance of Quit India Movement in the struggle of independence and articulated that Quit India Movement was truly a turning point in India’s struggle for freedom. Father of the nation, Gandhi Ji gave a call to the masses and urged them to raise their voice against British and asked them to “Quit India”. She inspired the students with a beautiful quote by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Overall, the celebrations of Quit India Movement reminded the young Green Knights about the value of freedom. The students were awakened to protect the country in the present and future too. The whole atmosphere echoed with the immense contribution of pioneer of our motherland.

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